Frequently Asked Questions

How can I donate?
Our intakes are on hold at the moment, so we are not accepting donations at this time. If you have questions, please email

Do you only rescue retriever breeds?
No, we love all old dogs! We just have a special place in our hearts for retrievers.

Where are you located?
Savannah, Georgia.

Can I visit you?
We don’t have a shelter. All of our dogs are in private homes. We are a small rescue and we focus on one dog at a time. 

You rescue old dogs? Isn’t it sad to know that you may only have the dog for a year or two?
We think it’s much sadder if that dog dies alone in a shelter. Sure, that means we shed some tears from time to time, but we think it’s better for us to shed a few tears than for a dog’s final days to be full of fear and uncertainty. Imagine what life must be like for a geriatric dog who ends up in a noisy shelter.

No, really though, isn’t it sad?
Just because a dog is considered a senior doesn’t mean he’s necessarily knocking on death’s door. Some older dogs have many good years ahead of them but are overlooked at crowded shelters simply because of a little gray on their face. Trust us, we adopted a gray-faced 10-year old yellow lab a few years ago who has more energy than dogs half her age and will be around for many years to come. Plus, she was already house-trained when we adopted her and she knew how to sit, shake and roll over. Show us a puppy who can do that!

How old is old?
The American Kennel Club classifies old age in dogs as starting around 7 years old, depending on breed and size. In general, we focus on helping dogs 8 years and older. On average, the dogs we help are 10 years and older.

How do old dogs end up in shelters?
Sometimes they are strays and no one ever comes to claim them. Other times it’s because of life changes in their family: divorce, new baby, the owner can’t or doesn’t want to pay for medical treatment, the owner goes into a nursing home, the owner passes away and no one is left to care for the dogs, etc.

Can I turn over my old dog to you?
Because we are such a small rescue we focus our limited resources on senior dogs in high-kill shelters. We cannot take owner surrenders at this time. However, we are happy to provide advice on keeping or rehoming your dog. Email us if you’d like to talk.

How can I help?
Donate, adopt, fundraise, volunteer. Email us if you’d like to get more involved. A rescue organization is only as strong as its supporters. We can always use your help!

What if I want to adopt a younger dog?
Thank you for your interest in rescuing! We love old dogs but we’re happy if you adopt any dog. If you’re in the Savannah area and looking for a younger dog, please check out the dogs available through our friends at  One Love Animal Rescue.

If you have a question that isn’t answered here, please send us an email and we’ll do our best to answer it. Thank you for contacting Retired Retrievers!