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Gracie is a 9-10 year old chocolate lab who found herself at animal control after her “guardian” tried to tie her to a tree in front of the shelter and abandon her there. A volunteer saw it happen and intervened. We cannot imagine why anyone would abandon this sweet girl. She’s good with kids, cats and dogs (but will definitely communicate her feelings if a male dog shows too much interest ). She’s housebroken, sleeps through the night and is very happy and just wants to be loved. She’s an easy dog who will make a great companion for someone looking for a laid back pet. She does need to be treated for heart worms (which we will do) and she does need to lose a few pounds (which you can do by taking her for long walks on the beach after you adopt her). Thanks to Diane for letting us know about Gracie AND finding a foster for us and thanks to Brandy for joining the R.R. team by fostering this sweet girl. Email us at if you’re interested in meeting Gracie.


Gus Wants to be Your Valentine!

The Power of Yes

I was driving westbound on I-16 through central Georgia on Sunday morning when I started thinking about the power of yes. On the passenger seat next to me was an old, blind English Bulldog. Just three days earlier, that same old, blind English Bulldog had been stuck in a muddy ditch in a small town outside of Savannah, Georgia.  He ended up in my front seat, on his way to a loving home, all because someone said yes.

A man named Wayne was out walking his Shih Tzu on Thursday afternoon when he noticed the Bulldog, now named Zambonee, stuck in a ditch.  Wayne had two options: keep going or stop and help. Now you might be thinking, “Of course he’d stop and help, there was no other option!” But school was letting out at the time and a few kids who were walking by told Wayne that the blind dog had been stumbling around the neighborhood for days or even weeks. So obviously other people had said no. Wayne, however, said yes.

Wayne crawled down into the ditch to save Zambonee and then he and his wife, Melissa, took him to their local animal hospital. After getting him checked out they bought him a collar and food. When they got home they rearranged their furniture because he kept bumping into and getting stuck underneath their kitchen chairs. Then they spent time reaching out to local rescue groups to find Zambonee a new home. None of this had been on their agenda when they woke up that morning. Yet, that didn’t stop them from saying yes.

We are all given opportunities to say yes, each and every day of our lives.  Yes, I will hold the door open for the person walking behind me. Yes, I will ask that older gentleman if he needs help with his groceries. Yes, I will attend that meeting to voice my opinion about a cause I care about. Yes, I will grab ahold of the rope of change and do what I can to make life better, easier, happier for others.

Saying yes can be messy (getting involved often is). It can mean disrupting your routine. It can mean changing your plans at a moment’s notice. It can mean rearranging your furniture for an old, blind dog. But yes can save a life. It absolutely saved Zambonee’s.

It was through a series of animal rescue networking efforts and multiple people saying yes that Zambonee ended up in my car on his way to a foster home with Georgia English Bulldog Rescue. He is now safe and loved. He will get the medical care that he needs and he will never know fear and loneliness again. That’s the power of yes.

What will you say yes to this week?

This blog post was written Retired Retrievers’ Chief Dog Lover, Suzanne Mooney, and was originally posted by Plenty Consulting:

Current Project: Gus

Meet Gus the Golden. We picked him up yesterday and took him immediately to the vet, where he spent the night. He’s home now and we’re just getting to know him. We will update this tomorrow with more information. If you’d like to donate to help with Gus’ medical bills, please click here (and thank you!)

Update (1/24/14) Click here for the latest on Gus.

Teddy – Adopted!

Teddy the Dalmatian found a home just in time for the holidays and we are so happy for him! We’ll be updating our “Happy Tails” page today with more information. Congratulations to Teddy and his new family!

Goldie – Adopted!

It’s been a great week at Retired Retrievers! Right after Ladybird found her new home our dear friend Goldie found her new home too. Check out our “Happy Tails” page for more information.


Current Project

We don’t have a current project. Stay tuned for our next rescue!

Ladybird – Adopted!

Meet River, a 7-10 year old yellow lab we pulled from a rural shelter near Macon, GA. We’ve only known her for a few hours but we love her already! We’ll post another update tomorrow after she has been seen by our vet. She’s trying to keep her eyes open right now but she’s had a long day and her head keeps drooping down. She’ll be fast asleep any minute. She’s so cute!

Update (12/1/13):

River was updated by a wonderful woman named Jane. And along with her new home she has a beautiful new name: Ladybird! Checkout our “Happy Tails” page for more info.

Update (11/28/13):

We took River to see our vet yesterday and the biggest news is that she is heartworm positive. We’re not necessarily surprised – that’s fairly common for dogs in this area who aren’t given preventatives – we’re just bummed. Before moving to the south we had no idea how dangerous heartworms are – they can kill a dog. They are expensive to treat and the treatment is rough, but they ARE treatable.

The good news is, other than that she is in pretty good shape. She needs to be spayed and she needs some dental work, but that’s easy enough.

The even better news is, we think we have someone who wants to adopt her (hooray!) but first we need to take care of these nasty heartworms. If you’ve already donated through our website, thank you! And if you haven’t donated yet and want to help, please donate through River’s fundraising campaign and/or share her link with your family and friends:

We’ll keep you posted on how things go with the potential adopter and with her health. Thank you for supporting old dogs!

Thank you to Susan Edge Photography for the beautiful photos!


November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month

Senior Month