Bernard Update: August 20

I just got home from visiting Bernard at the hospital. He was in a lot of pain last night and this morning so they escalated him from tramadol to a morphine drip. He was a little dazed while I sat and talked to him, but he was definitely relaxed.

Unfortunately, when they were doing the ultrasound of his heart and spleen today, they discovered a mass in his abdomen, sitting right on his aorta. They were able to aspirate it and send a sample off to the lab, so now we’re just waiting to find out if it’s cancerous or not. We’ll know more tomorrow.

The good news is – if he ends up being strong enough for surgery, our vet doesn’t think he will need to remove the entire leg. He thinks he can repair it in such a way that Bernard will be left with a stump to help with balance and mobility.

Most of my pictures from today looked just like the picture I posted yesterday since he is still just hanging out in his e-collar. So instead, you get a picture of his leg. They did a nice wrapping job. We’ll post another update tomorrow on what we find out about the mass. Thank you for caring about this sweet old dog.

Bernard 8.20

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