Bernard Update: August 19

Here is an update on Bernard. For those of you not on Facebook, this update won’t make sense unless you first click on these two links to read the backstory.

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We promise to start from the beginning and post the whole story later on, but in the interest of time we’ve provided the most current update below.

Bernard Update (8/19/14)

First the bad news: Bernard’s left hind leg does need to be amputated. Our vet agrees with the shelter vet’s recommendation and, now that we’ve seen the extent of his injuries, we do too. Now the good news: other than being severely anemic, which makes sense considering his condition, Bernard’s blood work actually looks pretty good. His x-rays look good too. There aren’t any other obvious internal injuries or trauma.

Bernard is also heartworm negative, which means one less hurdle for this guy to deal with. There is a little heart congestion, so our vet will do an ultrasound tomorrow just to make sure there is nothing we need to worry about. He’s spending tonight and probably tomorrow night at the animal hospital to make sure both his pain and the infection are under control. The plan right now is for him to then come home with us for about a week, while he rests and regains some strength, and then do one more round of blood work. If all goes well, he should have the surgery sometime next week.

We haven’t had to worry about funds for many months now thanks to our wonderful donors but, as you can imagine, this is going to put quite a dent in our resources. If you’ve ever considered donating to Retired Retrievers, now would be a great time. We are a 501c3 and all donations are tax-deductible.

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The picture below is from this evening when we visited Bernard at the animal hospital. The improvement is already dramatic. The dog who showed up at our house last night was in serious distress, having been in pain for quite some time. The dog we visited at the animal hospital today was comfortable, relaxed and happy to be alive.

We have no idea what caused this damage to Bernard’s leg, but it must have been traumatic and painful. Through it all, however, his happy, lovable lab personality continues to shine through. He’s a great dog, very friendly and loving, and he deserves a second chance at happiness. We’ll continue to keep you posted on his progress. Thank you for your support.

Bernard 8.19